We’re Back, and Better Than Ever!

Hey followers, I know the site hasn’t been posted on in ages and there hasn’t even been that much content on the channel. But I wanted to post this article explaining that we are back for good this time, and things will be moving a lot faster than before.

So a while ago the servers for the original WordTech site crashed all of our data was lost, of course we had multiple backups, but the plugin used to make those backups would not restore from them despite them having all the data. In order to bring back the old site every single article (of the 100’s written) would have to be manually copied, pasted, and then reposted with new pictures. This was not something I was willing to do, especially considering all the old content was news from the past anyway. Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately in the long run) this meant an entire rebuild of the site had to be done. At first schooling and life overall got in the way of this, so it was a slow process, but now I, and others, have more time to keep WordTech running and the rebuild is nearly complete.

As for changes to the site, we will consistently be posting both news articles and full length reviews on the site (generally this will be daily), and videos will be coming out at least once a week. We also have a new gaming  YouTube channel, currently it has no content but this will change here soon (although that may take longer than the 1-2 weeks estimate for the main channel and the site).

I would also like to introduce our new forums section, it’s near completion and I encourage you to sign up for it. We have all kinds of different categories for pretty much everything tech related out there, let us know through the suggestions forum of anything you would like to see added or changed about the forums in specific.

We would like your suggestions on content you want to see on the site, whether that be specific types of content i.e. podcasts, or specific products, please feel free to leave a comment letting us know what you want to see!

Anyway, we just wanted to say thank you to all the followers of the past and we hope to see you here again once consistent stuff is being posted. Don’t forget to check out our YouTube channel as well for new videos on products, tech news, etc… all the time! Just a note, all this starts around 1-2 weeks from posting this article, maybe sooner if the site is fully ready.


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