Surface Book 2 Drains Battery While Charging

Some of you may have heard the news already, but apparently Microsofts new Surface Book 2 is capable of draining it’s battery even when plugged in. The power supply (charger) included with it is putting out 101 watts, which isn’t enough for the “beastly” i7-8650U quad core and GTX 1060 GPU. Now to be fair this only happens when the machine is set in performance mode, but the GPU downclocks drastically when in the default power mode the machine ships with, which is lame considering the cooling can handle the GPU under full load at higher clocks.


The worst part about all this, though, is Microsofts response to the issue, saying it was “intentional” and that they focus “productivity” not gaming. They even claim productivity will not drain it, but last I checked using Premiere Pro rendering with CUDA acceleration is going to pull nearly the same power load (depending on GPU utilization of course), and isn’t that productivity? With that being said, they did also advertise it as a gaming machine, so it’s somewhat misleading. In my mind, on such an expensive unit, including a higher power output charger shouldn’t be skipped over to just save a buck. I will admit, however, there could be other reasons for not supplying more power to it, such as battery heat issues. If that is the case I would prefer Microsoft to simply come out and say so, then people wouldn’t be complaining so much.


Source: eteknix

Image Source: Microsoft

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