Samsung Releases Monster 4TB SSD


Well, today is a pretty interesting day in tech history, Samsung finally released the first consumer 4TB SSD on the market, and it’s at a semi-affordable price for the space you’re getting. So yes, now there is a 4TB version of the 850 Evo SATA based SSD on the market for consumers, and you can even pre-order it at Amazon right now for around $1500 bucks.

It may be a hefty price tag, but it’s still under 50 cents (about 37 cents) per gigabyte, which isn’t all that bad of a price, especially considering SSD’s used to be over 1 dollar per gigabyte! Of course, the only real downside to this is the SATA interface the Evo SSD’s run over, so you’re not going to see speed improvements of any sort, but luckily the 850 Evo is just about the fastest SSD you can get for the SATA interface today, and generally with bulk storage you don’t need the speeds of NVMe. There is no word yet if we will see an M.2 version of the 850 Evo’s 4TB capacity, even the 2TB version hasn’t come out for the M.2 form factor.

What do you think about high capacity SSD’s like this? Are they worth the money to you? Make sure to let us know in the comments below or on our social media!


Source: PCGamer

Image Source: Tech Report

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