Samsung Made a 30TB SSD? Yes and it’s 2.5″

We’ve seen SSDs grow in size over the last few years, everything from 2TB or higher on the consumer end, to 13TB or so on the server end. But this is an entirely new monster from Samsung, a 30TB SSD, yes you read that right! 30TB, and it’s not some massive monster 3.5 inch SSD either, it’s a good old 2.5-inch drive, albeit a good amount thicker than your standard 5mm (exact thickness has not been specified though).

Of course, we did see Seagate talk about a 60TB 3.5 inch SSD a while back, but it doesn’t appear they have ever sold it or even ever built an actual functioning one. Still, this is much smaller and only half the capacity of the former, and it’s totally real!

Better yet the PM1643 has a 5-year warranty and is rated for 1 drive write per DAY, yes per day. A lot of drives in the enterprise market are actually rated for this kind of workload, but on a 30TB SSD, well that’s simply insane.

This monster is fast too, really fast for its size. It runs over a SAS connection (obviously for enterprise) and can hit speeds up to 2.1GBps read and 1.7GBps write, approaching some of the really fast NVMe based M.2 PCIe SSDs on the market today for consumers. Of course, we will have to wait for real testing on this though to confirm those speeds, that could be at some insane queue dept or something, where it would perform much better.

No word on price yet either of course, but expect it to be very, very expensive. Personally, I would estimate somewhere in the $2000 range at least. Maybe we will finally see higher capacity consumer drives come to the masses in the near future though, sure we have seen 2TB drives go for ~$350 but 10TB drives for the same cost would be amazing.


Source: PCWorld

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