Parallel Android tasks coming in ChromeOS 64


Parallel Android Tasks

Since the introduction of Android apps on ChromeOS it has been clear that Google wants ChromeOS to be a desktop platform for the future. The majority of web consumers do basic tasks like email, web browsing, document creation, and games. While many of these tasks can be done in the browser, dedicated apps are generally a better overall experience. With this in mind, Google has been hard at work to improve the Android app experience on ChromeOS. The newest improvement is Parallel Android Tasks.


What are Parallel tasks?

Currently in ChromeOS 64 when you have multiple Android apps open, only the app you are actively using is actually active. All other applications are essentially paused. This change means that your open apps will actually be running at the same time. This change should make the transition to ChromeOS much better for Windows or Mac users.

Here is an excellent video from ChromeUnboxed showing these changes in action.


Source: ChromeUnboxed

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