NVidia GTX 11 Series to Be Announced Today


TweakTown recently reported that NVidia’s new GeForce lineup will be the NVidia GTX 11 series rather than the 20 series as many have suspected, including us. They claim this was confirmed by sources “in very high places” with TweakTown, and interestingly enough today (the start of GTC) NVidia’s website shows all 10 series cards out of stock. More importantly (as many of you are probably assuming this is related to mining), though, there is no sign-up sheet for a notification of stock refreshment.

All this adds up to the high likelihood of NVidia releasing an 11 or 20 series set of GPUs today, more likely the 11 series, which is estimated to be more of a refresh and less of a new architecture entirely. More so indicating a refresh, the rumors are showing we could see an 1185 and 1175 for the new GPUs rather than the usual 1180 and 1170.

Hopefully, a new set of GPUs being released will help with the GPU shortage rather than make it worse. But some have been reporting the 11 series will cost insane amounts of money, the top tier card starting upwards of $999.┬áIf this happens, in my mind, it would be NVidia taking advantage of the current market situation. Especially if the new cards are still Pascal based in terms of architecture. And even if the new cards aren’t priced insanely, the GPU market has been inflated for a while. So new cards may just be bought up right as they release anyway. If you really want to get your hands on a new GeForce card, I’d recommend ordering directly from NVidia right when the cards are released. Otherwise getting one for MSRP that is in stock is highly unlikely.

Whatever happens, we are likely to hear more about it today at GTC from NVidia. Stay tuned as we will be updating our site with news as it breaks.


Source: TweakTown

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