CES 2018: Nvidia announces 65 inch, 120hz, GSync HDR, Displays (BFGD)


For years some members of PCMR (PC Master Race) have been asking for televisions to get the same gaming features found on gaming monitors. Lower latency, higher refresh rates, and more recently variable refresh rates. Today at CES Nvidia has announced a solution to this problem. BFGD (Big Format Gaming Displays) as Nvidia calls them, feature HDR, Gsync, a 120hz refresh rate, and built-in Nvidia Shield functionality. This means you can stream games from GeForce-equipped PC’s using the included shield controller.


This could be a game changer for PC Gaming which has already been growing in popularity over the past few years. Gaming on a television is still ideal for many people so having the ability to get more than primarily improved graphics while staying in their living room.



While Nvidia’s announcement was more so focused on BFGD as a general concept we also have a real product announcement to go along with it. Asus has announced the ROG Swift PG65 display. A 65” model with all of the gaming features to go along with it. Featuring a full 1000 nit peak brightness, full coverage of the cinema-grade DCI-P3 color gamut, and thanks to GSync the ability to natively play back video at 23.976, 24, and 25fps, this display is great for gaming and video alike.


We also have confirmation of HP and Acer variants of the BFGD display. Neither HP or Acer have released full details of their displays so as of right now there is no word on any unique features that might be coming to those displays.


Source: NvidiaAsus

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