NVidia May Be Releasing a GTX 1060 5GB Variant

Weirdly enough ANOTHER GTX 1060 might be getting released in the near future, the GTX 1060 5GB, and the reasoning behind it is odd. This new GPU may have 5GB of VRAM but the same 1280 CUDA cores as the 6GB variant of the GTX 1060, which in theory would mean similar performance for the majority of titles. The new chip could have one of it’s memory controllers disabled, hence the smaller amount of VRAM being addressed, as well as slower memory bandwidth (160GB/s vs 192GB/s).


Now sadly enough this 1060 variant is rumored to only be sold in the Asia Pacific market to internet cafes, the idea being a cheaper variant of the 1060 that performs almost the same. So the likely-hood of you ever being able to buy one of these is low, and with that small of a difference in VRAM the price is likely to only be marginally lower, maybe $10 US at most. That may not sound like a good discount at all, but $10 off an order of 500 GPU’s starts to add up for a internet based cafe. Either way it’ll be interesting to see if this ever comes to market, and if anyone gets to do some testing on it.


Source: WCCFTech

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