Next Gen NVidia GPU’s To Be Named “Ampere”, a tech reporting site, is claiming the next generation of NVidia consumer GPU’s is likely to be called “Ampere.” This new architecture is rumored to be announced at GTC 2018 (just around the corner, March 26th to be exact), but of course this is all just a rumor and no actual information on Ampere has been given, so keep that in mind.


Now NVidia has outright said they’re Volta GPU’s aren’t coming this year, but there has been a lot pointing at them not releasing Volta for consumers until 2019. This is most likely due to Volta selling like crazy in the enterprise fronts, things like AI, machine learning, super computers, and much more. Many suspected NVidia to release a Pascal refresh of sorts, which Ampere very well could be, or it could be some inbetween architecture that isn’t based on Pascal at all, nor Volta. Only time will tell.


It would make sense for NVidia financially to keep Volta for the high end market right now (and maybe release a Titan of some sort based on Volta for “gaming” sometime next year) and just stick with Pascal and/or Ampere for the GeForce lineup. There isn’t really much competition as of right now from AMD in the gaming GPU area, Vega, while great in many aspects, just isn’t competing well with NVidia on the gaming front. So NVidia may want to focus their finances on other areas until competition comes back from AMD (which could also be good for AMD in the long run). What are your thoughts on all this?


Source: WCCFTech

Image Source: NVidia

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