Microsoft is Offering New PC’s, Sort Of


Windows 10

Microsoft has recently been trying numerous moves to get everyone they possibly can onto Windows 10 hoping to unify their platform. Now they’re going one step further, if you take your PC into a Microsoft Store and ask them to install Windows 10, and they don’t complete it by closing time, they will give you a brand new 15-inch Dell Inspiron laptop. There are other factors that play into this though of course, first you have to take your PC in before noon, secondly your PC must be compatible with Windows 10 for the deal to be valid (which is obvious enough I suppose).

So considering most Windows 10 upgrades shouldn’t take more than 3 hours, even on slower PC’s, I highly doubt anyone will really be getting a new laptop, or at least a very very small number will. Still some interesting news if you ask me, Microsoft keeps having another trick up their sleeve to get people moved to Windows 10, and if you ask me, why not? Be sure to let us know if you prefer Windows 7 or 8.1 in the comments below!


Sources: PCWorld, Mobipicker (for image)


  • Is there a restriction when you can come in? I mean does it cut off at 3 hours before closing, or can you be clever and come in 5 minutes before closing?…

    • You have to bring the computer in before 12pm that business day, so unfortunately there isn’t really a way around it. In a sense Microsoft is saying this to convince people to bring in their computers, but I highly doubt they’re going to give out very many, if any, laptops. Maybe if you can find a super busy Microsoft store, then maybe they won’t finish in time.

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