Micron Readies GDDR6 for 2018 Production

Micron, a major memory chip manufacturer, has finished it’s internal qualifications for their new GDDR6 chips. GDDR6 is rumored to be the next step for GPUs as HBM is still way too expensive for general use (as we’ve seen with Vega shortages). The new GDDR6 memory will be running at 12Gbps and 14Gbps bandwidths, a pretty solid improvement over the 10-12Gbps GDDR5X runs at. Keep in mind Micron is the only producer of GDDR5X, so it makes sense they’re the first to the next step in DRAM tech.

Micron is claiming full mass production should be happening sometime in the first half of 2018, meaning we could see new GPUs around Computex time using GDDR6. I’m sure NVidia, AMD, and others will get samples to engineer their GPUs for the meantime while the large amounts are being produced, so it’s possible we see GPUs with GDDR6 in 2018.

Micron also has plans for 16Gbps GDDR6, a substantial improvement over the already faster 12 and 14Gbps modules. I feel we have an exciting year or two coming up with GPUs using GDDR6, but I am curious if AMD will attempt to stick with HBM or go the GDDR route. Especially considering how hard Vega manufacturing has been, you STILL can’t find them for MSRP or even close to it, and I’d be willing to bet money it’s not Global Foundries that can’t keep up with GPU production.


Source: Micron

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