InWin D-Frame Mini Comes Back, with a Price Cut

Anyone here remember the D-Frame Mini from InWin, yeah that’s right, that little thing pictured above. The D-Frame from InWin, just as many of their other chassis, is well known for being one of the more unique PC case series. Starting with the original D-Frame, then the D-Frame 2.0, shortly after that the D-Frame Mini came out, an ITX version. Now it’s coming back for it’s 4th installment, the Mini, but in color this time, and at a more reasonable price.

The original D-Frame Mini was priced around $350 USD, the new version is now $199 on Amazon (at the time of writing). A substantial price cut, something we have seen from InWin as of late (maybe they’re finally realizing their cases, while impressive, were still overpriced), and this should entice builders to purchase this. There is of course no telling how long this case will be available for, but we haven’t seen any reports of a limited production run from InWin.

You can get the new D-Frame Mini from Amazon in Black, Red, Blue, Green, Orange, or White. (Note: the previously links are to our Amazon affiliate pages). A huge plethora of colors, which is important in my mind for such a unique case that is likely to pull in enthusiasts who really care about color matching. Being a mini ITX system, however, does limit your building ability some. SFF builds are interesting, but can’t be as powerful as larger machines.

I for one am excited to see some impressive builds done in the new D-Frame mini, and at this price I think it will be a lot more popular among builders.

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