GTX 2070 and GTX 2080 Rumored to Come in April

GTX 1080ti

The Pascal architecture from NVidia has been around for a long time now, being released all the way back in early 2016 for GP104 and late 2016 for GP102. Pascal has proved as a really solid architecture overall, especially for gaming, but it’s been long enough, with mostly lack of competition from AMD (at least on the high end, talking market segmentation, not perf), it’s time for something new. Keep in mind what you read below is a just a rumor, and not a really solid one so don’t expect complete accuracy, although if I were NVidia this makes total sense.

According to some leaks from¬†3dCenter¬†Ampere, as we think it will be called, should be released sometime in April, pointing towards the 12th. Rumor has it Ampere will be more of a Pascal refresh and less of a Volta cut down, for several reasons. First, Volta is based around HBM which is expensive and hard to find, although so is GDDR right now but chances are that will come down and stabilize before HBM is well priced. Second, Volta is purpose-built for servers and workstations, using Tensor cores for machine learning (or “AI” as people would like to call it).

I do expect Ampere to be a substantial performance improvement however, I don’t see how NVidia would release a product 2 years out without significant performance increases, and Pascal has room to perform better. Higher clocks, a smaller die, as well as more CUDA cores and boom you’ve got a huge performance boost. Ampere should be releasing as GA104 according to the rumor, and then GA102 later this year as we expect if the Pascal release is to be followed.

If Ampere is Pascal based I do expect to see SLI support for 2 GPUs just as we did with Pascal, but if it’s something new or Volta based, I have a sad feeling it will be gone. I personally don’t want multi-GPU systems to be gone. Not only is the performance generally impressive, but they look incredible in huge water-cooled chassis and as an enthusiast, I would be sad to see them gone. It seems inevitable though, at least until (more like if) some game developers take advantage of the seamless multi-GPU setups possible with Vulkan and DX12.

As for naming, the rumors have it Ampere will be named GTX 2070 and GTX 2080 for consumers. Which to me at least, sounds better than GTX 1170 and GTX 1180, so I fully expect this to be the naming scheme, it’s almost obvious what it “needs” to be named. Hopefully, we see something impressive from NVidia here soon, and not to mention from AMD. Better performing consumer GPUs is always something we want, and games are really able to push dual 1080ti configs to 100% fairly easily.


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