Google testing system to help improve 911 location accuracy


The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Google has begun testing its tech to improve 911 location accuracy. The test took place in several states and included tens of thousands of calls. Roughly 50 call centers covering over two million people were covered by this test. This test could be the start of a significant change as carriers have always been the ones responsible for reporting this data.

80% of calls gave more accurate 911 location data.

This test showed very promising results with over 80% of 911 calls showing more accurate locations than the standard system. The company speaking with Wall Street Journal, RapidSOS, also stated that Google’s location system decreased the estimated location from 522 feet to 121 feet and it arrived faster than carrier location data.

Google, RapidSOS, and WestCorp, the three companies working on this project, are planning on discussing the results of this test later this week at a 911 industry conference. Google hopes to implement the improved 911 location system later this year in the US.

Shaving a minute off response times can save an estimated 10,000 lives per year. Getting first responders more accurate 911 location data in less time will directly result in lives saved.

Source: WSJ

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