EKWB Builds First Titan V Full Coverage Waterblock

EK has been on a roll lately, releasing block after block, even with hardware releases a little lacking so far this year in terms of GPUs. Another one showed up a few days ago from EK, the first ever Titan V full coverage waterblock, and it’s just as beautiful as their other blocks.

There are two versions of this full cover block, a nickel plated version (seen above), and an Acetal version (below). Personally, I have always preferred nickel plated blocks, but those don’t match with every color scheme. Both feature pre-installed standoffs, which isn’t abnormal for EK but is still nice to see, making installation a bit easier.

Interestingly, these waterblocks allow you to turn your Titan V into a single slot card. Of course with something like the Titan V it’s not unlikely a user would want more than 4 installed in a system, and this, of course, helps with that. As we know, this is likely one of the only, if not the only, accessory that will ever be made for the Titan V, especially since AIB partners cannot make their own versions.

You can, of course, get a full cover backplate to go along with the waterblock, greatly improving aesthetics, and adding a little bit of protection for the PCB.

Both versions are (at the time of writing) $182.99 a piece, similar to other full cover GPU blocks from EK.

You may be thinking it’s quite odd for EK to make a full cover block for a card that, ultimately, isn’t for gaming or really even for high-end show systems. But, in many ways, it’s actually totally sensible. You see simply adding the ability to install more than 4 Titan Vs in a system is a major advantage for some workstation applications. And with water-cooled workstations becoming more relevant, it’s likely a lot of these will be sold.

Let us know in the comments below if you plan on getting one of these to water-cool your workstation!


Source: Eteknix

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