DJI announces longer lasting, cheaper, Osmo Mobile 2

A better Osmo Mobile for half the price?

The previous Osmo Mobile brought high-quality handheld mobile phone stabilizers into the limelight. Being one of the first mobile phone stabilizers to be seen in stores like Bestbuy and Apple. Though at $299 it struggled to really become a mainstream product. Especially with the mediocre battery life of the original.

That all changes thanks to the Osmo Mobile 2. At $129 it is already at a far better price point than the original (even after the originals price drop to $199). The new model also includes a greatly increased battery life. Up from about four and a half hours to an amazing 12 hours of usage. This does come at a cost though as the new model loses the interchangeable battery.

There are a couple minor changes as well. Thanks to the removal of the battery door DJI was able to add a built-in tripod screw to the bottom of the device. It has also gained the ability to actually mount devices in a verticle orientation rather than having to hold the unit sideways like the previous model.

The Osmo Mobile 2 releases in February with pre-orders starting January 23rd exclusively at Apple stores. Keep an eye out for a review of this product sometime next month, after I have purchased one and had time to test it.


Source: DJI

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