Corsair Computex Roundup (Day 1: Updates to follow)


First things first welcome to our Corsair Computex 2018 roundup, this post will be continually updated through the event all week long, so make sure you check back for more news. For those of you that may not be away, Computex is the biggest PC show of the year, and one of the biggest tech shows of the year in general. We will have continually coverage on everything we can from Computex as well as a general roundup video (which will be linked in a post) at the end of the week so be sure to follow up.


Now lets jump straight into the news.

Corsair Crystal 280X RGB (and Crystal 280X)

So first off, of course, Corsair had to put RGB in the actual name of the product, but that aside, this new enclosure actually looks pretty incredible. This new box style case has RGB, tempered glass, and all the fun bits. I’ve personally always loved box style, split chamber, cases. The extra room you get for cable management is great, and the power supply never gets in the way of the system physically or style wise.

The RGB edition of this case includes 2 RGB fans for the front intake as well as the Corsair Lighting Node PRO, whereas the non-RGB one just includes standard fans (pictured below). Overall I’d personally say the RGB version is worth it for the $50 ish price increase, but of course, this is up to you personally.


-Motherboard Size: MATX and Mini-ITX

-2 x LL120 RGB Fans (only on the RGB edition of the case, otherwise you get standard 120mm fans from Corsair)

-Fan Support: 2 x 120mm front, 2 x 140/120mm top, 2 x 140/120mm floor

-Max GPU Length: 300mm

-Price: $159.99 for the RGB and $109.99 for the standard edition


Corsair PSUs

SF600 and SF450

The new SF units from Corsair are running 80 plus platinum efficiency, a step above the Gold efficiency they used to run. This should help the units run cooler and therefore be quieter, although capacity hasn’t gone up at all. We still have the 600W and 450W parts, which is enough for mid-range gaming system and HTPC type workloads, still, this can be a bit lacking for really high end builds. The new 600W unit is running $139.99, but we wouldn’t be surprised if the price drops a bit after launch.

Vengeance 750M and 650M

For a while, Corsair has had a more budget oriented, albeit not cheap, lineup of products called Vengeance. Well, today power supplies join the series in 750 and 650 watt variants, which is about right for midrange setups. Both are 80 Plus Silver rated, a bit lower than we would have hoped in today’s market, but still not horrible. Both are semi-modular and feature a 120mm fan with zero RPM mode (something fairly new on cheaper PSUs). It’s claimed to be incredibly quiet (even while spinning) which we are inclined to believe since Corsair still has the quietest power supplies to date.

Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro RAM

Yes, yes we know, more RGB stuff, and more RGB RAM to be specific. But this is actually a bit more interesting, we finally have true addressable RGB RAM rather than just select your color style RGB RAM. Each stick includes 10 RGB LEDs and you can add cool effects as they are individually available, unlike previous sets of RAM. The new Vengeance RGB RAM also is some of the (IMO the best) best looking RAM on the market. The light difuser seems to do an incredible job of making the entire stick appear uniform, something I haven’t seen on other sticks yet.


That’s it for now, we will update this as the week goes on with more Corsair news, so make sure to come back for the updates.

Source: Corsair

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