Bitcoin is in 61st Place for Most Power Consumption

As reported over at ExtremeTech, Bitcoin now consumes more power than 159 different countries, now before you freak out, no that’s not combined. But it’s still an insane amount of power worldwide, Bitcoin mining operations now consume enough power to earn them the 61st position in worldwide power consumption, at least, if it were a country. That adds up to over 30 terawatt-hours of power, which is mind boggling if you ask me, I never thought Bitcoin would take off as much as it did.


The majority of mining appears to be taking place in China, which potentially means very little clean power is being used to mine, meaning more pollution. This is bad, very bad, for both global warming, and the overall power needs of the world. In fact, according to some analysts Bitcoin mining energy consumption is well on it’s way to consuming ALL of the worlds CURRENT power. Although, that is only if the current exponential trend continues, so don’t expect this to actually happen.


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