Announcing Our New Team of Writers

WordTech is proud to announce our new team of writers! We have been spending the last few weeks gathering up a well rounded team to produce more content than we ever have before, including various areas of technology. Do take note that nothing content wise is changing on our YouTube channel, it will be the same content as always, this is just an addition to what we do over there.

Here’s our list of writers:

  • Alexander Johnston – Mobile Specialist
  • Calvin Halbersma – eSports and Gaming Peripherals Specialist
  • Daniel Logan – General Tech Specialist
  • Ethan Word – Owner and PC Specialist
  • Jacob Crisan – Programming Specialist
  • Kasey Boughton – Gaming Related News
  • Mitch Hall – PC Specialist
  • Mirko Draganic – PC and Video Producer
  • Shelby – Gaming and Related
  • Tyler Muir – PC and Enterprise Specialist

Keep in mind many of these writers will not be active super consistently as some are doing this on the side, but there will be a few that will consistently post. Thank you everyone for your support!

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