Anker Announces Power Deliver Spec Devices

Anker, a huge mobile accessory company which primarily focuses on charging devices, has just announced that a range of their new chargers will support USB PD, also known as Power Delivery. USB PD is a new standard primarily for USB 3.1 Gen 2 (generally a USB C connector) that allows for up to 100w of charging power, compared to the old spec of only 15w. This allows for faster charging, more powerful devices being able to run off USB, and also adds support for more intelligent charging. Devices can essentially communicate with the charging system how much power they need to charge.


Anker has a new standard outlet charger, and a mobile 26800 mAh battery that both support this spec. This will allow for them to charge devices supporting USB PD at much higher speeds, and will allow them to deliver less power when the devices don’t need large amounts, it’s very dynamic. Unfortunately a lot of devices that have USB C still don’t support USB PD, so for now it’s a little bit of a niche thing.


Source: Anker

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