AMD Vega and Navi CES Updates

AMD is continuing to make big announcements at CES, first information on Ryzen 2, now information on Vega and Navi. I am more so excited for Navi as it is rumored to be better on the higher end chips, whereas Vega has been pretty terrible once it’s clocked high and is much better suited for mobile and server markets.

Vega will be coming out later this year on the 7nm process node, unfortunately it will not be for consumer based graphics cards, but instead for machine learning. Hopefully we will be seeing 7nm Vega chips for consumers, at least on the notebook side of things. Again, I want to emphasize I fully expect Navi to be the next high end for AMD desktop GPUs.

Navi will likely not be out until 2019, which is unfortunate as us enthusiasts wanted something else on the high end from AMD this year GPU wise. Looks like we will be waiting for a while longer, which leads me to wonder if any more Vega high end cards will come out this year. Navi is also said to be on the 7nm process node, which of course makes sense since Vega is already being manufactured on it. Seems like Global Foundries has been hard at work getting better process tech out, Intel and NVidia better watch out.

AMD also announced Vega discrete GPUs for laptops, very small GPUs still with HBM2 attached. Not much information has been given on them, but I’d expect to see them later this year in some high end notebooks.


Source: PCWorld

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