AMD Navi Potentially Spotted In Driver, Might See Multi Die GPUs

As many on here probably already know, Linux drivers have to be updated well before hardware comes out, so it’s usually a good source for leaks. This case, however, is a bit different. Some code was spotted for a Linux driver that was put in by RTG hinting at a new GPU, but no specifics were given. Keep in mind this is all a rumor though. Below you can see the exact code.


Interestingly enough the GPU is literally called SUPER_SECRET, and keep in mind this hints at a specific GPU as it’s a driver, not a whole series of GPUs. This is likely Navi, but could also hint at a new Vega GPU (although that is somewhat unlikely since Vega is already out, but remember Vega scales really well when it comes to lower clock speeds, so maybe a low end GPU?), this would be just in time for Navis planned release though as it’s supposed to come out in 2018.

Navi, in theory, is supposed to be build in Global Foundries new 7LP FinFET processing node, which would be a large jump for AMD from the current 14LPP. Although there is speculation on whether that small of a die would be ready anytime soon, even NVidia’s own Volta architecture is running on 12nm FinFET tech. Maybe AMD and Global Foundries have the jump on NVidia and TSMC, which would be an interesting situation for sure and hasn’t happened in quite some time.

Another rumor floating around is that Navi will have the capability of multi-die setups like Threadripper and EPYC currently have. Vega already has the Infinity Fabric necessary for this though so it’s not impossible that this new GPU is a Vega chip (again I do believe it’s Navi though). It would make sense for things in the future to be multi-die though, even NVidia has admitted to this being the future, but that takes years to develop and AMD has already done it so they might be the first on the market with this tech for GPUs just as they were with CPUs.

All-in-all 2018 is looking like it will be an impressive year for PC Enthusiasts, which makes sense considering this is the first time in a while there has been solid competition in the market, and if Navi is any good (and is actually available) we may see series competition against NVidia from team red as well. Keep your eyes out for some amazing tech, this is Ethan signing out.


Source: WCCFTech

Image Source: TweakTown

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