About Us

Founded by Ethan Word in 2010, WordTech is your one stop place for everything technology, while we focus more exclusively on custom PCs and the like, we do general technology reviews and reporting as well. This includes things like Smartphones, IOT, SmartHome, Home Theater, and much more!


This company was built out of simple passion for all things electronic, something Ethan has focused his entire life on, and wishes to continue doing so. All members here take technology into their lives in a huge way, more than the average consumer, we’re all passionate about it. Some have their careers in tech, others don’t, but all of us have a goal to make it part of our careers.


Currently WordTech is a fairly small company, based primarily around videos and a small amount of news articles, but we are working to expand both the variety and the amount of content we provide to you, our loyal supporters. Future plans consist of 5 videos a week on our primary YouTube channel as well as 1-2 videos a week on our gaming YouTube channel. Consistent news articles and full review articles are in the works as well!