A Fully Waterproof Keyboard, the Zalman ZM-K650WP

Zalman ZM-K650WP

We all have experienced that terrible moment, where you’re using your PC, swing your hand around in the dark to take a sip of soda, and boom you miss because you weren’t looking and knock it on your keyboard, either ruining the keyboard for good, or at least ruining it’s feeling! And for those of you reading this that haven’t done that, good job being careful! Zalman thinks they have a solution to this common issue, and it’s a better solution than what other companies have come up with, a fully waterproof washable keyboard. Some of you might be thinking these have been around for a while, but the key is waterproof, not just washable, this keyboard can be fully dunked under water safely, rather than just rinsed off like some, so cleaning it should be even easier than other brands out there.

The ZM-K650WP is sadly a membrane keyboard, but that does mean a really low price tag of just $30 USD (at the time of writing), which is great for any gamer on a budget that needs a durable keyboard, or even someone who wants a keyboard specific to LAN events. You can even pre order the keyboard from Amazon right now, so make sure to pick one up if you need it using our affiliate link above.

A few other things to note is that the keyboard is not backlit, and not really gaming centered in any way, it’s more designed for well lit office use, but this doesn’t mean gamers wouldn’t benefit from this sort of thing as well. Let us know below if you’re interested in this sort of durable, waterproof keyboard!


Source: Anandtech

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