32 Core Threadripper CPU Officially Announced

Yes, you indeed did read that title right, that is no typo. We all thought we would MAYBE see a 24 core Threadripper running 3 dies come out this year, but no, AMD is taking this to another level, one Intel can’t even match. 32 cores on a single desktop CPU, one that will as usual from AMD, be fully unlocked and overclockable.

No word on pricing yet, but the new 32 Core Threadripper will be using the 12nm Zen+ architecture, as one would expect, and has a TDP of only 250 watts which is claimed to be conservative (ie it’s actually lower than that). Of course, this is at the base frequency of 3.0GHz, so overclocking would push this way, way, higher.

As you would expect it’s a 32 core chip with 64 threads, and you still get quad channel memory and 64 PCIe lanes. And unlike Intel, this will be coming out in Q3 this year, whereas Intel’s 28 core offering doesn’t have an official release timeframe but instead is just “sometime this year.” Presumably, Intel found out about this monster and had to release something to compete, even going as far as to advertise their 28 core hitting 5GHz, not that I have any insider information on that, just speculation. However, a monolithic die running at 5GHz with that many cores is likely to be pulling at least 800 watts JUST for the CPU ALONE and would need some kind of constant phase change cooling.

One other small note, this is a 4 die chip just like EPYC, so essentially you are getting an EPYC chip but with some stuff disabled such as the 128 PCIe lanes and 8 channel memory.

No official word on cache sizes and the like yet, or an official launch date or price. But if this is anywhere near the $1000 mark like the 1950X was, this is an incredible value. And even at $1.5 to $2K it’s still a value part in today’s market.

All I can say here at the end is that I thought my 16 core 1950X would remain close to the top of the market, but I guess not… Now I gotta consider if buying this can be justified in any way, since I definitely don’t NEED a new CPU, but I definitely WANT a new CPU.


Source: Anandtech 

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