10nm Coming to a Device Near You?

3rd gen finfets

Intel “mistakenly” listed 2 10nm Cannon Lake CPU parts in a microcode document update. Unfortunately, the reference has, of course, been removed since. Not much was listed in terms of specs other than the fact that they would both be dual-core parts, and one wouldn’t even haveĀ an iGPU. This second part is odd to me, I don’t feel there is much use for a CPU without an iGPU in the super low power mobile space, but maybe I’m missing something.

Intel has been talking about 10nm Cannon Lake chips for some time now, and they continue to delay the processors for various reasons, most of them being manufacturing challenge related. Maybe we will finally see them sometime within the coming months, likely on a select few devices. I for one am very excited to see what 10nm could bring us, but clock speeds will likely be a bit limited at first.

Another note is the public name for these products was listed as “TBD”, meaning to be determined. So it’s likely they aren’t super close to a public release or announcement, as they generally like to have a “cool” name first.

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Source: Anandtech

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