AOC Releasing New Agon AG352UCG6 Ultrawide

Anyone else craving more Ultrawide monitor goodness? Because I know I am! AOC has been in the game of making monitors for a while, but they generally were associated with somewhat cheaply built budget monitors (albeit generally solid panels). More recently they have moved into building higher end, often times Ultrawide, monitors. The rumors from today are no different, AOC […]

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10nm Coming to a Device Near You?

“Mistake” Intel “mistakenly” listed 2 10nm Cannon Lake CPU parts in a microcode document update. Unfortunately, the reference has, of course, been removed since. Not much was listed in terms of specs other than the fact that they would both be dual-core parts, and one wouldn’t even haveĀ an iGPU. This second part is odd to me, I don’t feel there […]

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