New Pascal Titan X from NVidia

Today is indeed a special day, we have all been waiting for this for quite some time, we all want to know what NVidia’s Pascal architecture is truly capable of, and we will know soon enough. NVidia released information and a teaser video for the Pascal based Titan X coming on August 2nd this year. This new card boasts 11 […]

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Microsoft is Offering New PC’s, Sort Of

  Microsoft has recently been trying numerous moves to get everyone they possibly can onto Windows 10 hoping to unify their platform. Now they’re going one step further, if you take your PC into a Microsoft Store and ask them to install Windows 10, and they don’t complete it by closing time, they will give you a brand new 15-inch […]

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Samsung Releases Monster 4TB SSD

Well, today is a pretty interesting day in tech history, Samsung finally released the first consumer 4TB SSD on the market, and it’s at a semi-affordable price for the space you’re getting. So yes, now there is a 4TB version of the 850 Evo SATA based SSD on the market for consumers, and you can even pre-order it at Amazon […]

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