No Man’s Sky Stream Leaked Temporarily

No Man's Sky 1

Some pretty interesting news popped up about No Man’s Sky today, someone managed to livestream the game for a short 6 ish minutes, revealing a few things such as controls, and the basic starting menus and area (of course the starting area may be different for every person, or may be a tutorial, no information was given about that). Of course the stream as well as any possible recorded video of the game was taken down almost instantly, but we still have first hand stories like the one below posted by GribbleGrunger on NeoGAF.

It was like six minutes and he went through his inventory, showed the controller layout, it was nighttime and windy didn’t see any combat or any other life forms…the planet was lush with vegetation and it had a lot of iron deposits…he had an objective on the lower right hand of the screen there were like mountain cliffs he was trying walk up…

I don’t remember the controls but I know what his objective was he had to find silicate to replenish his fuel tanks to get his ship working there was iron all over the place and he did the scan and a blue resource icon showed up in his fov that said resources and he was trying to get there but he barely did anything cause by the time he went through his inventory showing off that screen and his controls layout he didn’t play very much he got banned so quick

It’s nice to learn some about the basics of the game, but we know we are all anxious for more information, hopefully the game releases on the set date this time, and doesn’t get pushed further….again.


Source: WCCFTech

Image Source: Polygon


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